Department of Cardiac Surgery

The Department of Cardiac Surgery, part of the #1-ranked children's hospital, has been at the forefront of pediatric heart surgery since 1938 when Robert Gross, MD, performed the first operation to correct a congenital heart defect. In the years since that groundbreaking procedure, our Department of Cardiac Surgery has grown to become the largest in the United States and one of the most specialized in the world.

We work in collaboration with specialists from other departments and divisions at Boston Children’s, as well as with each family’s local pediatrician and/or cardiac specialist, and our multidisciplinary approach ensures the highest quality of care.

Aditya (A.K.) Kaza, MD - Director, Neonatal Cardiac Surgery Program

Our cardiac surgery team is made up of eight pediatric cardiac surgeons who are dedicated exclusively to patients with congenital heart disease and other rare heart conditions. Each year, our surgeons care for more than 1,000 patients, both children and adults, who require every type of congenital heart surgery. This experience translates to better outcomes. It also means that our surgeons can sub-specialize in different areas of cardiac surgery and push the boundaries of what was previously possible in each of their areas.

Our collaborative approach

Pedro DelnidoYour child’s care team will be made up of cardiac surgeons, cardiologists, cardiac anesthesiologists, cardiovascular nurses and imaging technicians—all of whom are specifically trained in treating pediatric heart conditions.

We work in collaboration with specialists from other departments and divisions at Boston Children’s, and our multidisciplinary approach ensures the highest quality of care.

As a team, this network of specialists forms a comprehensive care plan that accounts for the many aspects of your child’s health that is affected when she has a heart condition.

From your first visit, you’ll work with a team of professionals who are committed to supporting all of your family’s medical, physical and emotional needs. Each step we take is focused on making your family’s experience as manageable as possible.

Cardiac care over a lifetime

Twenty years ago, our primary concern was whether a baby or child would survive the complex procedures we performed. Pediatric heart surgery was still in its infancy. Today that has changed; the majority of children do extremely well. What we focus on now is how to make sure the child is doing well in her 20s and 40s, and 50s, 60s and 70s.  Our goal is for the child to lead a long normal life, and we plan our clinical management of the child over many decades.


Innovations play a critical role in our patients’ health, so we are constantly creating new ways to treat heart diseases. Our scientists investigate every aspect of the heart, and the conditions that affect it, so we can offer new and improved treatments to our patients. Our program's culture is one of innovation—of solving difficult problems that others haven't been able to solve, tackling the most complex cases, and figuring out ways to make the process easier on patients. 

Training Opportunities

Our Cardiac Surgery department offers an observership program designed for physicians who already have some advanced training in cardiac surgery and wish to fine-tune their skills. Learn more about Observerships.

Our pediatric heart surgery outcomes

Despite treating some of the most complex pediatric heart conditions in the world, the Cardiac Surgery Program at Boston Children's has some of the best success rates. Learn more about our surgical outcomes.