Creative Arts Program

Our Mission

The Creative Arts Program at Boston Children’s Hospital provides engaging, innovative and uplifting experiences that support an integrated approach to care for the many diverse families and communities we serve.

Our Programs

The arts are utilized to transform the hospital environment and create opportunities for expression, connection and self-identity. Under the direction of Child Life Services, our programs can be seen throughout the hospital with a range of applications including the utilization of the arts as a positive resource during hospital stays to functionally utilizing music as a therapeutic intervention. Our diverse programming plays an important role in supporting the patient through the hospital experience. 

A recent evaluation indicated that the arts at Boston Children's Hospital both decrease patient's perceived pain and significantly decrease both patient and family anxiety. Findings include:

* All responses are self-reported

In the News-The Art of Healing

"Art projects like this one pass the time, although Silvia aims to do more: She’s teaching Delila some of the same techniques she uses in her own studio. It helps shift the focus away from medical issues and back toward a sense normalcy." Read more..

Our Leadership

Jessica Finch, Art Program Manager

Jessica oversees art planning for all Facilities projects, exhibition planning, and development of the Creative Arts Program. Under her leadership since 2005, the Art Program has grown to include museum partnerships, traveling exhibits, the Artist in Residence program, annual publications, and has attracted additional staff and funding. Jessica holds an MS in Arts Administration from Boston University and studies Interior Design at Boston Architectural College.

For inquiries about donations, gallery and exhibit planning, and arts events, please contact Jessica:


Phone: 617-355-2787

For inquiries about patient and family arts programming, please email Kirsten Getchell at